The Biggest Surprises Of 2011 And Is Your Team One?

Baseball is an extremely long season; 162 games to be exact, and that is just the regular season (does not include playoffs). With such a long season, there are bound to surprises, Cinderella stories, come-from-behind wins, winning streaks, losing streaks, and more. That is the beauty of a baseball season; no one can ever predict who will win their division or who the best hitters and pitchers will be. You can never know anything when dealing with such a long, grueling season.

With this being said, the 2011 baseball season certainly is not any different. Unexpected players have shined to keep their unexpected teams in a close race for an October playoff entrance. The Cleveland Indians started the season with baseball’s best record up through the first 50 games or so. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who hold the all-time record for the most consecutive losing seasons among every professional sports team in the country, have a winning record and are only 1.5 games behind the division leader. I do not believe any sports columnist, reporter, analyst, or hardcore fan could have seen that coming. It really is a wonderful thing, watching an underdog do things that were not expected of them.

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