Why Can’t The Marlins Draw Fans?

Baseball fans are attracted to teams capable of putting up winning season after winning season and make the occasional deep playoff run. Fans become bitter fans-no-more when they see losing season after losing season or when the teams deals away some of their best and most beloved players. I mean, who can imagine the New York Yankees without Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter? Or who can picture the St. Louis Cardinals without Albert Pujols? If teams lose one of their biggest names in the system, they will in return lose a huge fan base. This is exactly what happened to the Florida Marlins, but on an immensely large scale. After the Florida Marlins’ World Series victory in 2003, the upper management decided to deal some of the organizations biggest and best names over the next several years: Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Delgado, Juan Pierre, and Mike Lowell. In turn, this angered the fan base and their desire to go to baseball games to see these players’ replacements had vanished. In order for the Marlins to get their fan base back, they will need to have several winning seasons led by MVP caliber players. This could take a couple years.

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