Finding The Most Important Statistic In Baseball

Of all of the major professional sports in the United States, the one sport that creates the largest obsession on statistics and trends is baseball. Over the years many different statistics and metrics have been created to determine just how productive a player is.

One of the most popular statistics used by statisticians today is the OPS. OPS, which stands for on base plus slugging percentage, is a metric which combines two of the most historical statistics in baseball history. This statistic does a good job of taking into consideration how well a player reaches base as well as how powerful a hitter is.

Another statistic that is gaining a lot of popularity with general managers as well as avid baseball fans is the RBI efficiency statistic. RBI, which stands for runs batted in, has always been one of the most highly used statistics in all of baseball. While this statistic is quite important to follow, it does not do a good job of capturing how well a player does at taking advantage of their RBI situations. The RBI efficiency statistic is a percentage based statistic which shows how often a player knocks in a RBI when there are runners in scoring position when they come to bat.

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