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The National League Central; Who Is Really The Best Team

This season determining whom the best team in the National League Central comes down to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers. Both teams have made the National League playoffs and could face each other for a trip to the World Series if they win their first round series. Milwaukee is a team that has a deep bullpen and starting pitching. The Brewers traded for Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke to start the season and it helped them win the National League Central. The Brewers one weak spot is Read the rest of this entry »

Lance Berkman; Is This Really A Surprise?

Lance Berkman has proven himself to be one of baseball’s greatest switch hitters of all time. His incredible power from both sides of the plate combined with his excellent career batting average of .297 has made him one of the most feared hitters in baseball. He entered this season coming off a tough knee surgery as a St. Louis Cardinal, and was expected to be just a washed up player. However, his performance this season was better Read the rest of this entry »

Is Hanley Ramirez Ready To Fulfill His Potential?

Hanley Ramirez is one of the most talented baseball players in the Major Leagues, but has never reached his full potential. Many Florida Marlins fans are starting to wonder if Hanley Ramirez will ever reach his full potential. If you look at his stats in his brief career, he has put up some very impressive numbers to say the least. Ramirez has hit 134 home runs in 7 seasons and has over 1,000 hits in his career. People still wondering why he has not reached the level of greatness yet.

The truth is Hanley Ramirez is as talented Read the rest of this entry »

Historical Sights You’ve Got to See

Sure you watch a lot of games on your direct.TV but have you really invested time in learning the history of your sport? If you’re bound and determined to learn more about baseball plan a trip to one of these historically enlightening shrines to the game:
Old Yankee Stadium: You can still arrange a private tour at the stadium in the Bronx but if you can’t imagine setting foot on those grounds, Read the rest of this entry »


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