Historical Sights You’ve Got to See

Sure you watch a lot of games on your direct.TV but have you really invested time in learning the history of your sport? If you’re bound and determined to learn more about baseball plan a trip to one of these historically enlightening shrines to the game:
Old Yankee Stadium: You can still arrange a private tour at the stadium in the Bronx but if you can’t imagine setting foot on those grounds, consider Wrigley Field in Chicago as well. Both are about as historical as it gets and have some stories to tell
Hall of Fame: If you make it to Cooperstown, you’re clearly going to head to the Baseball Hall of Fame. There’s tons of memorabilia and interactive exhibits and you’ll leave knowing more about the sport than you ever thought possible.
City Island Ball Park: It’s where Jackie Robinson played his first major league game and if that’s not enough history for you, go ahead and take in spring training to see what the future of the game’s going to look like.

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