The National League Central; Who Is Really The Best Team

This season determining whom the best team in the National League Central comes down to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers. Both teams have made the National League playoffs and could face each other for a trip to the World Series if they win their first round series. Milwaukee is a team that has a deep bullpen and starting pitching. The Brewers traded for Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke to start the season and it helped them win the National League Central. The Brewers one weak spot is experience in the playoffs. When the games get more important the pressure, get tougher. Milwaukee has not proven they can win the big game.

For the St. Louis Cardinals they are a veteran club with good consistent pitching that has been through the playoffs before. No one thought they would make the playoffs, but they did. Albert Pujols was injured early in the year, but he came back and so did the Cardinals. Manager Tony Larussa is a manager that seems to know the right buttons to push. The best team in the National League Central right now is the St. Louis Cardinals until the Brewers prove otherwise. You have to go with a team that has been there before over an inexperienced team. Right now, the Cardinals are the best in the National League Central.

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